U.S – Summit in North Korea boost sentiment towards Greenback

Earlier in the Day:

There was no material statistics for the markets to be considered in the Asian session this morning, leaving market sentiment towards geopolitical risk to break through markets in the morning.

The optimism with which the US and North Korea are moving ahead with the summit on June 12 showed that the US Treasury leaves early, leaving the Japanese Yen at the level of the US dollar, the Yen rose by only 0.01% to 109.4 dollars at the time of writing .

A softer US dollar showed that the Australian dollar increased by 0.32% to 0.7572 US dollars, the Kiwi dollar rally 0.48% to 0.6950 US dollars. Turnovers in commodity currencies that go beyond the planned, go to the June summit, continuing the fall of commodities a bit to keep the couple through the session.

In the stock markets, the majors were mixed in the morning. Nikkei managed to recover with negative territory to take a seat by 0.03% at the time of writing, while CSI300 and Hang Seng grew by 0.68% and 0.56% respectively, as news of US officials arriving in North Korea , will begin preparations for June. The summit provided such concrete support.

However, for the ASX200 it was not so good, but last week the bearish trend, which tightened the index in the red year before the date, continued until the beginning of the week, the index fell by 0.57%, and shares of mining companies on the slide. With the index addressed on the 7th day in the red of 8, the manufacturing PMI in China next week will have to make an impression to stop the rot.

A day ahead:

For the euro, economic data on the lighter side during the day, statistics, a limited amount of information from the city, which is unlikely to have a significant impact on the euro this morning, markets that are likely to look at the GDP figures of the member state, domestic consumption and preliminary inflation indices in May, which should be presented at the end of the week, which can ensure that the EUR should be maintained if inflation indicators are in line with or better than the forecast.

Absorption of annual inflation rates may not affect the mood of the market in matters of monetary policy.

At the time of writing, EUR rose 0.64% to $ 1.1726, political changes from Italy and Spain are likely to become key factors throughout the day.

For the pound, with the markets closed today in the UK, there are no material characteristics planned for release to provide a pound of direction to what is especially a quiet week at the data front, key statistics for the week limited to the May production PMI, Friday.

With the lack of statistics, the main attention will be paid to Brexit, and any phrase of Brexit may be negative for the Pound, because The EU puts its foot at the negotiating table.

The pound rose 0.22% to $ 1.3338 at the time of writing, and profits grew because of the soft dollar and several sentiment improved with respect to the economy after the retailers’ performance last week.

Through the pond, it is also a holiday in the US, without any stats planned for release, resulting in markets going through what lies ahead, an economic calendar especially busy for the dollar, although the direction may ultimately come from the Oval Office, trade tariffs and North Korea among the key geopolitical risks that must be taken into account in the markets.

At the time of writing, the dollar spot index fell 0.40% to 93.876, which weakened on US Treasuries, which returned the dollar at the beginning of the week, and the positive emotions caused by the announced ones outpaced the North Korea-US summit.