Mobile Forex Trading – Best Brokers That Provide It

mobile forex trading

In a world that is continuously on the move, having your hobby or career at the tip of your fingers is extremely important. This is why so many online trading brokers also have equally advanced mobile trading apps. A good mobile forex trading app should offer customers real-time updates, minimal spreads, useful resources, and educational tools, to name a few.

mobile forex trading

In this article, we will be presenting a few brokers that also provide mobile forex trading. Those come in the form of apps that can be downloaded from any iOS or Android app store. Do not be afraid to change your broker frequently if you feel like it doesn’t offer you the necessary tools to be successful. Here are our choices!


Probably most traders already know about eToro and the fact that it’s probably the most popular online trading broker at the moment. The eToro mobile trading platform, however, is also worth taking into account, especially if you’re always on the move. With this app, you can trade with the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, forex, and enjoy a series of other benefits. Some of those include real-time market order executions and unlimited withdrawals, daily.

The eToro mobile forex trading app also provides users with complex analysis tools, real-time data, and a regularly updated news feed. Beginners can try out eToro’s mobile trading app with the help of a $100,000 virtual portfolio. This acts like a more traditional demo account meant for beginners who want to trade risk-free. There is no minimum required deposit.

The mobile trading app is truly amazing and it’s available for free for both iOS and Android devices. This is one of the few mobile apps that offer exactly the same benefits and features as the desktop version. Things like fund management, news, charting tools, and low spreads come with this app.

Moreover, the mobile platform is fully customizable according to your preferences. You can also watch your positions and create your own dashboard watchlists in an instant. The minimum required deposit is only $100.


Nadex is one of those online brokers that provide the people who use its mobile app with the same experience as those who use the desktop version. There is almost no difference between the two. You have a plethora of account management tools, direct market access in real-time, as well as technical analysis and charting features.

Users have a $1 fee per contract with a $50 maximum cap because Nadex specializes in binary options. The minimum required deposit is $250. You can download the mobile forex trading app from any app store.

Royal Noble Group

Last but not least, Royal Noble Group is a broker that provides trading services focused on CFDs and cryptocurrency on international exchanges. It has a broad presence and is capable of providing professional and effective technology and tools. They make use of highly advanced technologies in an attempt to provide their customers with cutting-edge experiences.

Through its mobile trading app, Royal Noble Group grants you the possibility to do whatever you want. At the same time, it keeps you attached to your business activities. The trading app allows anyone to view their account from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This trading software is compliant with both Android and iOS systems. Its interface is user-friendly, intuitive, fast, and offers everything that a normal web trader would but at the tip of your fingers.

Conclusion of best brokers that provide mobile forex trading

To wrap it all up, in a world that keeps on spinning it’s important to keep up. We hope that our recommendations have helped you make a decision. Remember that any broker that offers mobile forex trading should also be trustworthy, professional, and transparent. The safety of your funds and data is the most important thing. As long as you make that these are fulfilled, you can make up your mind concerning a mobile app a lot easier.