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If there is one aspect to consider when selecting an online trading and investment broker, it is the features that help you conduct your operations safely and effectively. This broker provides its clients with a variety of useful features. The MarkitG educational resources are important and professionally intended to help anybody in need. If you are new to investing, you will require significant market and technical analysis, as well as free-market research, order varieties, and sophisticated charting.

This is why, in this detailed review, we will be talking about everything that MarkitG has to offer to its customers, considering that it is a relatively new online trading broker. From its features and trading packages to the customer support and assets, we will discuss it all in the following lines. Here we go!

The MarkitG assets and trading packages

On MarkitG, you may choose from five distinct trading packages, which are as follows: Basic (up to $2,499), Silver ($2,500-$9,999), Gold ($10,000-$74,999), Platinum ($75,000-$149,999), and VIP (above $150,000).

MarkitG’s assets include a variety of crypto pairings and ICOs, as well as Forex, commodities, crypto pairs, shares, and indices. You may also deposit with any crypto type, a wire transfer, or a debit/credit card. There is no requirement for a minimum deposit. You only need to pick how much money you wish to invest and then choose an account type.

MarkitG offers a number of account types that are suitable for both rookie and experienced traders, each with its own set of features and costs. Each has its own distinct features, but the important thing to remember is that regardless of which one you choose, you will have access to a large number of crypto pairs and ICOs, an economic calendar, MQL access, professional account leverage ranging from 1:100 to 1:50 for Forex and from 1:10 to 1:20 for crypto. and technical and market analysis.

markitg trading packages

Last but not least, it’s important to mention that the broker’s average order execution speed is less than 7.12 ms, they have over 12,000 orders that they execute per second, and their average trading volume per day sits at around $545,000.

On the MarkitG online trading platform

MarkitG offers over 1,000 instruments, a prompt and knowledgeable customer service system, and some of the market’s most reasonable prices! Real-time trading view charts, a responsive live chat, and asset notifications are all available to you. The portal provides direct access to buy and sell operations, as well as pricing and live updates. The platform also lets you set limits and close or manage pending orders.

Aside from these benefits, you should know that the MarkitG trading platform is web-based. This means you won’t have to download any dodgy applications and waste time installing them on your device. Simply complete the Sign-Up Form on the official website, go through the verification process, and make your initial deposit using whatever method you like, from debit/credit card to wire transfers or even bitcoin.

Aside from being quite powerful, in fact, one of the fastest on the market right now, the MarkitG trading platform is also really simple to use and straightforward. So, if you’re new to trading and investing, don’t be concerned. The platform will nearly utilize itself without your intervention. It’s worth mentioning that their platform has been named one of the best for margin trading, and their software has been named one of the best for cryptocurrency trading.

MarkitG deposits and withdrawals

Making deposits on MarkitG looks to be a simple process because there is no initial minimum amount required. When opening an account, depositors must submit proof of identification, residence, and payment.

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You will also be able to make withdrawals more quickly and securely thanks to the broker’s cutting-edge technology. Your funds will be delivered to you in the same manner in which you financed your account. It will take three working days to complete and maybe five business days to produce a signed withdrawal document from MarkitG. After that, you will receive your money in your account.

MarkitG’s safety and customer support

Customers’ data is always secure with MarkitG since the clients’ identities and locations are never revealed. Furthermore, the platform’s strong encryption mechanisms allow the broker to store the majority of the assets of the customers offline, preventing potentially harmful third parties from accessing them. Some of the most advanced security methods are in place on the site, so traders can always be certain that their data and assets are safe.

When it comes to customer support, anyone can contact MarkitG by completing a contact form on the official website and they will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send them an e-mail at Support is usually responsive and very helpful as only professionals are tasked with taking care of the clients’ issues.

MarkitG review conclusion

MarkitG is the type of online trading platform that considers its clients’ success to be their own, and they are willing to help them achieve that goal as soon as possible. As a result, they strive to deliver only the best customer service in conjunction with high-quality items.

All in all, we can easily recommend MarkitG as a broker to work with. It has the potential to be among the best enterprises on the market due to a variety of features, educational tools, and resources. Aside from that, this is one of the most transparent brokers, with nothing concealed from its clients and a strong emphasis on the safety and security of your data and personal information.